The holder of many Portuguese cuisine secrets. Nuno Mendes was a chef that was not only loved by the general public but by some of the world’s top chefs, those who see Mendes as competition.

After opening his first gastro pub in Hoxton in 2006, Nuno has had nothing but success in his cooking career. The Loft Project which soon came to London then spiralled into greater success including working with some of the world’s greatest chefs and series of published cuisine related books.

The Loft Project was an experiment that was carried out by famous chef Nuno Mendes and his partner Clarise Faria. The purpose of The Loft Project was to see the relation between people, the food they eat and the environment that they are eating in.

Those who have taken part in the experiments have had mixed results; ” an edible experience” – Mitch Orr. The people that take part do not need to meet any requirements, just the ability to give feedback of their experience in relation to how the environment affected the dining background.

As well as the general public that have got involved with this experiment, there have also been a series of world renowned chefs that have taken part. Although the experience is the same as the general public, the hope was that they would be able to give feedback from a different perspective.

The Loft Project was carried out in a series of locations, many of which were high end restaurant with Michelin and rosette titles. Although it was the details that were put into place that they wanted to see if it had any impact on the overall dining experience.

Bespoke furniture and table decorations had been created by teams of people to see how it adjusts a regular meal for many or if it made any impact on their mood or experience at all. The overall purpose was to take the feedback and evolve the aspects which made a positive impact to improve restaurants that arguably cannot be improved any further.