The aim of The Loft Project is to provide a space in which to showcase the talent of new, experimental chefs. For diners, there is the opportunity to experience unique meals in a fantastic environment.

The original idea was that this would be a temporary space, including a personal test kitchen. But early success led to expansion of the idea. Any great restaurant, of course, relies upon a selection of the very finest ingredients. The Loft Project is no different to other successful restaurants in this respect.

As you browse our websites, you can review the quality suppliers that contribute to the success. From great fish to beautiful meats and unusual oils, our partner suppliers are responsible for providing our wonderful chefs with the best raw materials to work with.

Many visitors have also expressed their surprise at how simple dishes can taste so good. Those ingredients are key, at the heart of any special meal. Some seek to replicate those at home and we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the reaction to the lovely grilled dishes that have been served by a number of chefs. This offer a real focus on the art of simplicity.

Can you replicate such dishes at home? We see no reason why not. If you can select the same quality ingredients and provide the basic, yet skilled approach, to grilling, then you too can enjoy these meals at home. When wondering where to start, you can do a lot worse than seeking Number 67 toasters online. Their independent toaster reviews enable you to examine the latest options on the market and to choose something to meet your needs.

Isn’t a toaster, well, just a toaster? In reality, modern models provide such a selection of features that there’s a great range to choose from. What’s right for you and your family will very much depend upon your plans and what you are looking to create.

Away from the joys of grilling, the roasting of both meats and vegetables continue to provide succulent flavour variations that are sure to appeal. With roasting, the key is to understand the working of your oven, given that temperature variations can be considerable. But there are other pieces of equipment that you’ll need to think about investing in: finding the right pans and oven trays will help to transform your meals too.

Whether you wish to try replicating the dishes at home, or simply enjoying the restaurant experience, you are very welcome!

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